Online Training

Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Dually Diagnosed with Mental Illness Webinar

Presented by Meredith L. Griffin, PsyD, LP

Individuals with a dual diagnosis of Intellectual/Developmental Disability (I/DD) and Mental Illness represent about 30-42% of all individuals with I/DD.  This training will discuss what it means to have a dual diagnosis of I/DD and Mental Illness and what common characteristics are often associated with this diagnosis. The training will also discuss risk factors, diagnostic challenges, and describe commonly diagnosed mental illnesses. Finally, it will also discuss common behaviors that individuals with this diagnosis may display and effective staff responses.

CEU: 1

View the module: Dual-Diagnosis

Self Care for Caregivers and Service Providers Webinar

Presented by Meredith L. Griffin, PsyD, LP

This training reviews the definition of stress and different types of stressors; additionally, it reviews the definition of burn-out and four stages of burn-out. Signs and symptoms, risk factors, and consequences of stress and burn-out on a person and agencies are reviewed.

CEU: 1

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Suicide Assessment in Youth Webinar

Presented by Ciara Warden, ISW

This training reviews the common indicators for suicide in a youth population.  Topics cover assessment, prevention, and managing suicidal precursors.

CEU: 0

View the module: Suicide Assessment in Youth

Clinical Supervision Webinar

Presented by Dorinda Noble, PhD, LCSW

This training reviews the important aspects of clinical supervision.  This includes supervision dynamics, technology, evaluation, and skills.

CEU: 0

View the module: Clinical Supervision Webinar

Evidence-Based Practice in Children’s Mental Health: Webinar Series

Presented by Claudette Grinnell Davis, PhD, MS, MSW

This series of training covers evidence-based practice in children’s mental health. The topics covered in these trainings include: anxiety, behavior, depressive, and impulse disorders as well as working with an incomplete diagnosis. Trainings are presented by Claudette Grinnell Davis, Ph.D, MS, MSW, an assistant professor at the Grace Abbott School of Social Work at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Up to 6 CEUs available


Claudette Grinnell Davis, PhD, MS, MSW is an assistant professor in the Grace Abbott School of Social Work, University of Nebraska Omaha. She completed her PhD in social work and psychology at the University of Michigan  and her MSW in interpersonal practice at Western Michigan University. Her practice experience has been primarily in a child welfare context, where she provided individual and family services to children and their parents who were reunifying after long-term foster care. Her research interests focus on parent involvement in the child welfare system, parenting interventions, and the relationship between children’s mental health and experiencing child maltreatment.  The following webinars are written, designed and produced by Dr. Grinnell Davis.