PracticeWise is a useful tool for all practitioners. The following quizzes will evaluate your knowledge of PracticeWise and act as a training tool for the program. Please take all quizzes until 100% is achieved. Quizzes can be taken multiple times.

What are Clinical Dashboards? (estimated time:  12 minutes)

Navigating Clinical Dashboards (estimated time:  12 minutes)

 A Closer Look at Clinical Dashboards/A Closer Look at Entering Information in the Clinical Dashboards

(estimated time:  30 minutes)

Clinical Dashboards in Action:  Parts 1-3 (estimated time:  1 hour 15 minutes)

What is MATCH?  (estimated time:  12 minutes)

Navigating MATCH  (estimated time:  30 minutes)

A Closer Look at MATCH  (estimated time:  45 minutes)

MATCH in Action  (estimated time:  1 hour 15 minutes)

What are Practice Guides? (estimated time:  12 minutes)

Navigating Practice Guides  (estimated time:  15 minutes)

A Closer Look at Practice Guides  (estimated time:  25 minutes)

Practice Guides in Action  (estimated time:  20 minutes)

What is PWEBS?  (estimated time:  12 minutes)

Navigating PWEBS  (estimated time:  12 minutes)

A Closer Look at PWEBS (estimated time:  40 minutes)

PWEBS in Action  (estimated time:  35 minutes)